High welfare, single sheep artisan yarn


About a year ago, I decided that we should try to do something worthwhile with the beautiful fleeces from our small flock which might otherwise go to waste.

It’s essential for the welfare of sheep that they’re shorn at least once a year, but the fleece is often disposed of or given away for next to nothing. I liked the idea of producing a ‘single sheep’ yarn that promoted a high welfare message.

The boys were originally called The Hooligans because of their boisterous behaviour and unerring knack of seeking out trouble, and although the girls are generally better behaved, they also have their moments. And so Hooligan Yarns was born!


We have mostly Gotland sheep, with some interesting crosses with Teeswater and Shetland that make unusual, beautiful wool. Some new additions of rescued Jacobs and Lleyn crosses provide a traditional alternative to the Gotland blends. Our yarns are machine spun in UK mills. Batches are produced by individual sheep fleece with the name and details of each boy or girl provided as a story postcard with every order, including a photo. So you know exactly who you’re knitting, and who you’re wearing.

Limited quantities are available owing to the size of flock and the single sheep production method. Hooligan fleeces are occasionally blended with alpaca fibre to make supersoft, highly knittable speciality yarns. All are natural, undyed colours - we have grey in many hues from charcoal to silver, plus brown, black and cream. Weights and ply vary depending on demand.


We do accept overseas orders but this is done by custom order - please message me with details of what you'd like and I'll set that up for you. Sorry for the extra hassle but the weights and postage costs vary so much based on different quantities of yarn, I want to get you the best delivery deal possible!

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